• Sofie Ruysseveldt

    Not only can VIAA play an important part in digitising endangered analog material,
    VIAA can also safeguard digitised and digital born material.

    Sofie Ruysseveldt
    Collection Manager Argos

  • Pascale Mast

    I’m convinced that one day we’ll ask ourselves
    how we managed without the film fragments
    located on the web platform of VIAA.

    Pascale Mast
    Lecturer AP Hogeschool

  • Sylvia Van Peteghem

    If VIAA can be a portal for the library and researchers
    to digital archive material, then VIAA is of great importance to us.

    Sylvia Van Peteghem
    Head Librarian Ghent University

  • Koen de Scheemaeker

    VIAA can play an important role within the digital archives, because they have the expertise and the technical infrastructure to safeguard digital heritage and make it accessible to the public.

    Koen de Scheemaeker
    Directeur ADVN

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