For whom?

Why audiovisual classroom material is important

Nowadays, young people live in a visual culture and, as a teacher, it is important to respond to this with audiovisual material. It is also an engaging way of achieving the predefined learning objectives. Based on this requirement, VIAA – together with teachers and content partners – has developed the Archive for Education, containing high-quality Flemish archive material. 

During our research, teachers told us how difficult it is to find interesting digital classroom material. The existing video channels either do not offer material that fits with the lesson plans, or offer only poor quality. Online material is also often taken offline unexpectedly, interrupting lesson plans. 

Thanks to the Archive for Education, teachers can find audiovisual classroom material in one place. It has never been so fun and easy to enrich lessons with images and sounds.

Every day, in every lesson

That is our target. We work with teachers, content partners and the education sector to make the Archive for Education a useful educational tool. It can be used for explaining difficult concepts in a simple way, motivating your pupils and achieving your curriculum objectives more successfully. Discover how the Archive for Education can help you achieving these objectives in this video.

"I am convinced that at some point, we will be wondering what we ever did without the movie clips on The Archive for Education."

Pascale Mast
Lector AP Hogeschool

The Archive for Education

The platform offers teachers access to a broad range of audiovisual classroom materials. The fragments were selected by teachers and are aligned to the learning outcomes and curriculum objectives. 

The offered themes and collections, custom-made for education, inspire teachers while planning their lessons. Using search terms, they will find relevant material which can be shown straight away in the lesson. Teachers can easily cut and save fragments, and create their own collections within their profile. The material is permanently available for both current and future teachers.

For and by teachers

VIAA often takes on seconded teachers who – as experts in their field – help selecting material offered by our content partners. Each teacher that uses the Archive for Education can also request fragments directly. In addition to the teachers themselves, we work closely with all important players within the education sector, such as the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training, the education networks and underlying umbrella organisations and educational publishers etc. 

Would you like to find out more about the Archive for Education or are you interested in a partnership? Please don't hesitate to contact Leen. She will provide further assistance.