For whom?

Why our audiovisual heritage is important 

By digitising and archiving Flemish image and sound, we can keep our unique audiovisual history alive. Material from our content partners that was originally digital, or has already been digitised – whether or not by VIAA – is sent immediately to our archive where it is sustainably preserved. A large proportion of the archive material is not free of copyright and is therefore only available to a limited audience. VIAA commits to further open the archive to the public, however, for now and for the future. Thanks to the sustainable preservation of audiovisual material, we make it possible for everyone to look back at life in the past or to experience legendary events again, for example.

The Archive

Step by step, we are opening up the Flemish archive material to the public. This always takes place in consultation with the owner(s) and with respect for copyright. An initial project here was ‘News from the Great War’, the biggest online database of press material from the First World War.

Via filters and thanks to the four languages available on the website, users around the world can look up stories about their families or people in their area during the period. The blogs in four languages chart daily life during the First World War and, together with the website, form an important source of information for research scientists. 

Curious about your family's war stories? Discover them in The Archive.

The Image Capsule

The Flemish audiovisual heritage is so unique and diverse that it must be preserved. Through our campaign ‘The Image Capsule’, we put the importance of our rich image and sound archive in the spotlight. On the interactive campaign website, we show a selection of image fragments from our Flemish archives, from which visitors choose their favourites. The five most popular videos are sent to the future.

Did you know, for example, that in the 1960s cows needed a passport to cross the border? Discover this in the Image Capsule 2115.

“The project De Beeldcapsule is a poetic lesson about the power of good and creative communication in audio-visual heritage preservation programs. Fulfilling 'Beeldcapsules' with small video clips from the past, people realize that their way to select memory determinates how their own present world will survive in the future.”

FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Awards Jury

What do you do with personal audiovisual material? 

Do you still have your old video tapes containing long-forgotten memories, but no video player? Or are you worried about the preservation of old family films? VIAA is currently developing a handy advice tool with tips about sustainable digitisation and preservation of your own heritage. This new tool will soon show you how you can make sure the next generation will have a chance to experience how, during the Christmas party in 1991, the Christmas tree crashed onto the dining table and Aunty Sonja choked on the mulled wine.  More to follow... 

If you would you like to find out more about the Archive or the Image Capsule, please contact Karen. She will be happy to answer your questions.

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