Internship VIAA

Deadline for application: 31/12/2019

Flanders has an especially rich cultural past, which includes the audiovisual field.  Hundreds of thousands of hours of film, audio and video materials are stored in Flemish archives, broadcasts and depots. Since 2013, VIAA has been working out a broad service offering on three pillars
  • digitising existing and threatened, analogue carriers,
  • archiving the files from digitisation projects or of existing digital collections,
  • making digital materials accessible on interactive platforms for schools, libraries, researchers and the general public.


‘Service’ is central in all this; VIAA does not manage digital materials itself, but provides services that make the management and interaction of it possible. VIAA’s clients are the public service broadcaster (VRT), the Flemish regional broadcasters and the cultural heritage and archiving sector. VIAA currently offers its services to more than a hundred organisations in Flanders.

Our offering

  • You will work in a young, dynamic organisation that prioritises digital working and learning is a priority, an organisation that stands for innovation in the Flemish media and cultural sector.

  • You will be part of a dynamic team, where collegiality and professionalism are key

  • We offer you full support in carrying out your tasks with room for initiative. The ideal springboard to a further career.

Interested? Mail your cover letter and cv to