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VIAA digitaliseert en ontsluit VRT archief


VIAA and the public broadcaster VRT have signed a cooperation agreement, which provides the basis for a long-term solution for the archives of the VRT. VIAA will continue to digitise and archive them, and make the material accessible for education and research, and through public libraries.

VIAA was founded on December 21, 2012 by the Flemish Government to make vast progress in the field of digitisation and digital preservation of our audiovisual heritage, which is endangered. The public broadcaster VRT was responsible for its own digitisation until the end of 2013. Over the previous years, the VRT has made important efforts in this area. From 2014 onward a new solution was needed, for which they explicitly were looking at VIAA. This solution is now found.

After the boards of directors of the VRT and ‘vzw Waalse Krook’ (the strategic advisory organisation for VIAA) had approved the agreement, the Flemish Government took notice of the cooperation agreement between VIAA and VRT on October 4, 2013, at the initiative of the Flemish Minister Ingrid Lieten (Media and Innovation). The agreement sets out the principles that should allow the audiovisual heritage of the VRT, which is part of our collective memory, to remain accessible for current and future generations.

Besides the historical archive, there are also basic agreements on the preservation and accessibility of new material. The public broadcaster VRT remains the owner of its archives.

There are more than 500,000 hours of undigitised material in the archives of the Flemish media and heritage sector. VIAA wants to offer a joint approach for this material, so it can be cost-efficiently and sustainably digitised, preserved and made accessible. The VRT will also share its expertise in the field of audiovisual archiving with the broad media and heritage sector.

Flemish Minister of Media and Innovation, Ingrid Lieten: "A possible cooperation between VIAA and VRT was already part of the management agreement of the VRT. The social valorisation of the VRT archive has always been one of the key motivations for me to rally for this cooperation. The VRT archive contains a wealth of information and shared memories. It's great that we can now make this cultural heritage available to society and secure its future."

Board Chairman of the VRT, Luc Van den Brande: “The VRT has one of the richest audiovisual archives in Flanders. That this is further digitised, and can be accessed, and made available for society is an important step forward. It is a natural fit with the mission of the public broadcaster to fully cooperates with this initiative, and offer direction and guidance.

More information: Nico Verplancke, director of VIAA

Photo: ©VRT "VIAA and VRT join forces for sustainable VRT archive"