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VIAA bouwt aan website


VIAA will make a selection of the archive material available to education, public libraries, and researchers. For this purpose, we are currently building a website.

For the development we are working with Inuits, for the design we are collaborating with the Rotterdam based Online Department. During a first phase, the platform will only be accessible to test people. From spring we will do a test run in a number of selected schools in order to learn more about the needs and expectations of the users knowledge. The total duration of the project is two years in which we will be rolling out functionalities in different phases to different users and groups.

Ease of Use, user-centredness are key here. Therefore we rely on iLab.o for user research and we pay close attention to the user interface. It is our intention to make a modern and user-friendly website that teachers and students can use to discover archive material. Over time library staff, visitors and researchers will also be able to use the website.