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VIAA ook op het programma van Gent M


On 2nd April 2014 a new free debating session of Gent M was launched. These 10 Wednesday evenings will be held at the VOKA-offices in the Lammerstraat in Ghent.

Gent M is a motley collection of entrepreneurs, techies, marketeers and gives a taste of the kind of cross-fertilization that “The Krook” wants to provide. Among others, talks will be given by Murielle Scherre and Ernst-Jan Pfauth, and also our own Nico Verplancke, director of VIAA, will take the floor on Wednesday 28th of May at 8 PM.

The angle for the last series was analog forms of communication on digital subjects . This new series will hold the same concept, but looks further.  “The emphasis on the previous edition was mainly on the theme ‘Digital Creativity in Ghent’, but this time our choice of central theme is ‘The next step’,  says curator Fredo De Smet. “This series is about entrepreneurship on another level, about making a difference, about growth.  From hobby to professional, from freelancer to business, from start-up to KMO.”

Gent M started on April 2, 2014 and will take place the 9 following Wednesday evenings at 8 PM.  The location is the VOKA-Box in the offices of VOKA in the Lammerstraat.