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Awarded procurement files for digitisation publicly accessible.


You’ll find the Dutch and English versions of 14 procurement files from former digitisation projects on the VIAA-website. The files, drawn up for 40 different carrier types, could be a starting point for contract documents from institutions and interested digitisation companies.

VIAA selects its digitisation partners through a procurement procedure for each digitisation project. There’s a file for each project and those files are publicly accessible from now on. It comprises 14 files from 9 already awarded digitisation projects. This accounts for 95 documents and almost 1000 pages all together, which you’ll find in the ‘Knowledge and expertise’ section of the website.

This publication gives the files a second life and allows us to further share our gathered knowledge with the sector. The files could inspire institutions, in Belgium and in foreign countries, and interested digitisation companies for their own procurement files. In addition, we’ll also publish the procurement files concerning our archiving activities soon. That way, VIAA wants to help with realizing qualitative contract documents and projects outside of its own organization.


Don't hesitate to contact Brecht Declercq, our digitisation manager.