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The Archive for Education brings cultural history to the classroom


On 10 November 2017, VIAA and the Department of Education and Training’s CANON Cultuurcel launched the Culture in the Mirror project page on The Archive for Education. Teachers can now make use of the Culture in the Mirror theory in all their lessons, including subjects like economics and science, through the tools they will find here. This autumn, the tools are being tested in a number of pilot classes.

Culture in the Mirror defines how people participate in culture, and exactly what good cultural education looks like: reflecting on culture makes you think about your own culture and others’ cultures. Through video clips and audio fragments, such as the material on The Archive for Education, you can also introduce this reflection into the classroom in a practical way. The tools offered - an interactive video, tips for selecting audiovisual material on the basis of Culture in the Mirror, and 32 inspiring collections - aim to make the Culture in the Mirror theory tangible and easy to implement.

Following a preliminary study around cultural education with 27 teachers, testing of these tools will continue in a number of teacher-training courses until the end of the year. The editors of our education platform also use the theory: from now on they will look at things from a Culture in the Mirror perspective when selecting audiovisual material for The Archive for Education.