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Workshop calendar The Archive for Education for spring 2018 is launched!


Following the succes of past series, VIAA and the Flemish Department for Education now jointly launch a new roadshow of workshops for The Archive of Education starting from February onwards. These hands-on workshops introduce teachers and educational tutors to The Archive for Education and explain the different ways in which they can implement the audiovisual material in the classroom. The Archive for Education is an online archive of Flemish audiovisual material selected by and for teachers. Read more.

New in this series: workshops in Kortrijk and an afternoon session for more experienced users in Ghent.

Het Archief voor Onderwijs
Het Archief voor Onderwijs

Are you a teacher or an educational tutor? 

Get started with The Archive for Education through a practical workshop. You get to search the rich collection of audiovisual material and compose your own classroom-ready collections. Based on the participants’ domain knowledge, we touch upon the available material for subjects such as musical education, natural science, technology, citizenship, society, Dutch, history, Project General Subjects (PAV), behavioral and cultural sciences and economics. 

Curious about learning to use The Archive for Education? 

Register now for one of the interactive workshops. Have a detailed look at the program here.
Participation is free, registration is compulsory.

Workshop calendar

When? Where?
Thursday 1 Februari 2018 in the VAC in Brussels meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Thursday 8 februari 2018 in the VAC in Bruges meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Thursday 22 februari 2018 in VIVES Hogeschool in Kortrijk meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Tuesday 27 februari 2018 in the VAC in Ghent meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Thursday 1 maart 2018 in the VAC in Hasselt meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Thursday 8 maart 2018 in the VAC in Antwerp meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only) 
Thursday 22 maart 2018 in the VAC in Leuven meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
Thursday 19 april 2018 in the VAC in Ghent meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)
New: afternoon session for experienced users
Thursday 3 mei 2018 in Crescendo CVO in Mechelen meer info & inschrijven (Dutch only)

“I use The Archive for Education to introduce or support my lessons in an original way. The archive offers audiovisual material for various science subjects, ranging from microbiology and evolution to nuclear power and synthetic material. The material is selected by and for teachers and therefore perfectly adapted for use in the classroom.”

Ann Vanmarcke
Teacher of natural sciences, chemistry and physics