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War correspondent Rudi Vranckx and VIAA join forces on #ISISinsight


Shortly after the Brussels attacks in 2016, celebrated VRT journalist and war correspondent Rudi Vranckx ventured out to find out everything about ISIS. A year later his series is finished and has aired earlier this year. The full episodes of ‘ISIS in sight’ are now permanently available on The Archive for Education so they can be used in the classroom. And there is more…

When teachers organise a class discussion on ISIS or radicalization, they like to be supported by a real expert. However, it is not always possible to get someone external to class. That is why VIAA, in cooperation with Vranckx’ editorial office, compiled some ready-to-use collections supplementary to the series ‘ISIS in sight’. These collections are available on The Archive for Education and go together with the subjects of jihad, radicalization and the battle against ISIS.

 As a cherry on the cake, Rudi Vranckx answers some burning questions from teachers and students alike. Answers to questions like ‘Who is fighting whom?’ and ‘What part are Russia and Assad playing?’ will be published on The Archive for Education in the coming weeks.