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2018 kicks off with complete Board of Directors


At the end of 2017, we published vacancies for six directors: two representatives of our content partners and four independent directors. At the end of December our general meeting appointed six new directors who now complete our board, together with the six members nominated earlier by the flemish government and VRT.

The vacancies for our Board of Directors were widely spread and we were delighted that a great deal of capable candidates applied. At the end of November, the existing board examined the list of candidates closely, to present a shortlist to the general meeting. They appointed the following directors:

Representatives of our content partners:

  • Ann Deckers (Fomu)
  • Sylvia Van Peteghem (UGent - Boekentoren)

Independent directors:

  • Pedro De Bruyckere
  • Stefaan De Ruyck
  • Dirk Lens
  • Saskia Scheltjens

VIAA would like to thank all interested candidates and is looking forward to work with its new, enforced Board of Directors.