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Which audiovisual gems do you possess?


VIAA wants to save as much audiovisual material as possible from ruin. On Saturday October 27, UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, we are putting that mission in the spotlight. This year’s central theme is ‘Your story is moving’. We therefore want to help everyone with his or her story, by providing knowledge about their own piece of audiovisual heritage.

Our operations are focused on image and sound preserved in Flemish heritage institutions, archives, museums and the media sector. During digitisation projects with these partners, we gathered a lot of know-how. From now on, we will make that know-how available to our partners as well as to individuals, on On this website - stuffed with photographs and fun facts - you can find out what kind of audiovisual material you possess by answering some specific questions. Perhaps you own a wire coil, a MiniDisc or maybe even a Betacam?

We will help you determine whether your material has heritage value and provide some tips on how to get it converted to a digital format. You will not only find guidelines for a proper preservation, but also a template that helps you speak the language of digitisation companies.

This useful tool was created in collaboration with PACKED vzw. With it, we not only support our partners, but by extension everyone who wishes to preserve image and sound sustainably.