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VIAA brings current affairs with the updated ‘News in the Classroom’


On Tuesday, October 2, the updated ‘News in the Classroom’ was introduced in the presence of Minister for Media Sven Gatz. The purpose remains introducing young people to a wide range of news and encouraging them to watch it with critical confidence. What is new, are the many partners who worked on this together, among them VIAA with The Archive for Education.

You might still remember ‘News in the Classroom’ when it was called ‘Newspapers in the Classroom’. By means of newspaper packages, pupils were introduced to ‘the news’ and to the modern range of newspapers. In the meantime, the media landscape has changed and there is news in all shapes and speeds. ‘News in the classroom’ surfaced to integrate digital media as well. As of today, there is a brand-new website where teachers can find up-to-date and developed material, theme files and videos about news. Mediawijs, Vlaamse Nieuwsmedia, WE MEDIA, Media.21, VRT and VIAA launched the new website with the support of the Flemish Government. 

Our part in this project

Teachers can find a selection of news, reportages and video collections on News in the Classroom, concerning themes such as censorship and fake news, coming from our educational platform The Archive for Education. This selection is complemented by KLAAR episodes from VRT, among other things, which appear with associated collections on The Archive for Education. With one click – and an account on our educational platform – teachers can find interesting image and sound that transforms their pupils into well-informed and media-wise adolescents.