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Our school year took a jump-start


With The Archive for Education, we want to keep moving forward in supporting the growing amount of teachers even better, with image and sound in the classroom. Now the school year has really begun, we would like to tell you what is new on our educational platform this year. Behind the scenes, we are building the foundations of an innovative website, which will be launched in the next school year.

New features

During the school year 2017-2018, Leen Note and Katrijn Bulckens started working as consulting teachers. They dove into the image and sound of our partners, looking for clips fitting perfectly together with the curricula of the art courses. Those clips were brought together in clear-cut collections (link only in Dutch), which teachers (in the making) can immediately use in their lessons.

The Archive for Education is also further supplemented content-wise with KLAAR. Each week, this online show of the VRT tackles two complex themes, tailored to students of the first and second grade of secondary school. At VIAA, this material is enriched with an extra video collection. Since the beginning of this year, we publish new episodes and collections every Wednesday, which can also be viewed on Smartschool.

Simple login via Smartschool en KlasCement

The Archive for Education is only one of the many platforms teacher make use of. Our cooperation with Smartschool and KlasCement became more specific the past school year: now accounts on those platforms can be linked to The Archive for Education. This way, teachers only need one login and password.

Teachers looking for online inspiration for their lessons can really make a bargain the upcoming months: for the first time, we will be organising training days together with educational resource network KlasCement. Teachers will be able to combine introduction workshops for both platforms on one day.

Cooperation with educational publishers

The icing on the cake, is the enriching of different teaching methods and manuals (link only in Dutch) of five educational publishers with image and sound on our platform: Averbode, Die Keure, Pelckmans, Plantyn and VANIN. Together with them, we are looking forward to further deepening our collaborations.

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