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A black-and-white Christmas


A sleigh is gliding down a snowy street to a merry tune. Our imagination has to add the voices shouting in joy because this video is from the old days. If you already thought that everything was better in those good old days, these images of snowmen, rosy cheeks and sleighs will definitely make you nostalgic.

We have Alfon Gyselinck to thank for this audiovisual gift. During the sharp frost from December 1946 to March 1947, this Sint-Niklaas-based photographer took out his camera and captured his children happily braving the -15°C temperatures. One of the soldiers stationed at the barracks was getting a kick out of building a snowman as well.

This excerpt was submitted by City Archives Sint-Niklaas for the Image Capsule 2017. The archives of Sint-Niklaas and sub-municipalities Belsele, Nieuwkerken and Sinaai store old, modern and contemporary items as well as parts of the parish records.

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