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Yearbook ‘Preservation’ launched, with contributions from VIAA


Five years ago, we dug into documentation from for instance Foundation of Archives Publications to develop our digital archive as far as possible. This year we were invited to contribute an article to their most recent book ‘Preservation. Taking steps in a new area of expertise.’ It was presented on November 29 (World Digital Preservation Day) in Amsterdam.

The yearbook includes about twenty articles regarding various aspects of digital preservation. Quite practical use cases as well as more theoretical approaches or reflections regarding quality labels, frameworks and standards are addressed. It contains contributions from authors from institutions in the Netherlands and Flanders, among them Image and Sound (NL), Flanders Architecture Institute, Amsab, The New Institute (NL), The National Library (NL) and VIAA as well. Editing was done by Margriet Van Gorsel, Erika Hokke, Bart De Nil and Marcel Ras. 

Matthias Priem wrote VIAA’s contribution concerning the preservation of digital audiovisual material titled ‘An audiovisual archive for Flanders. What progress had VIAA made in five years?’. It provides an overview of important aspects and actions that we carried out in the last five years to preserve audiovisual material sustainably, such as digitisation, format choice, workflows and quality control. The article clarifies the ways in which we implemented these matters and where we succeeded, but also difficulties that we encountered and issues we need to keep working on.

The book is in Dutch and digitally available through the KVAN periodiekviewer or a downloadable PDF version. The authors received a chocolate version of the book for the occasion (see photo). Our chocolate-loving colleagues however inform us that the long-term preservation of this edition will not be guaranteed.

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