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VRT NWS launches KLAAR on The Archive for Education and Smartschool


From now on, teachers get access to new episodes of KLAAR every Wednesday. This online show by VRT NWS approaches young people using their own language to bring difficult subjects to the classroom. VIAA’s educational editors will enrich every episode with a collection of classroomready videos on VIAA’s educational platform The Archive for Education.

Making difficult subjects clear to students of the first and second grade of secondary school is not easy. With the online-only program KLAAR (meaning ‘clear’ in Dutch) VRT NWS aspires to cover this challenging task. Leen De Ridder and Yousri Mekroum, the faces of KLAAR, are joined by experts to tackle various themes in the episodes that air on The Archive for Education and on Smartschool.

The editors of The Archive for Education collect classroomready materials linked to the theme of each episode. Earlier tests of KLAAR made clear that these enriched collections are an important added value for teachers. The KLAAR page that contains the episodes and the extra videos will be published on Smartschool as well in order to reach more teachers. With this collaboration, VIAA further invests in offering relevant and up-to-date sound and vision for the classroom.