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First steps towards ‘digitising’ Digital Video-formats


Digital Video or DV-formats emerged during the early 1990s and could be preserved for ten to thirty years. Since then, media players suitable for formats such as Mini-DV, DV-CAM and D7 DVCPro have gone out of production and the time has come to save these endangered carriers!

With Digital Video we once again welcome a carrier with a digital signal. Therefore we don’t use the term ‘digitisation’, but rather ‘migration of content’ to a new and sustainable digital file format. This is where Gaël Fernandez makes his entrance: intern at VIAA since the fifth of March, he’s a student of the Master’s course Audiovisual Management at the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in France. During the next few months, he’ll be fully devoted to the DV-formats and the preparation of their migration in 2019.

Gaël will help us find the proper file format to preserve the content of DV-cassettes. Moreover, he’ll investigate the most apt way to pack and transport DV-formats, the metadata needed for registration, which companies we can award contracts to and which technical specifications are important. This information, gathered by Gaël, will also be used for operational tools such as the manual for registration, which outlines the registration procedure for carriers for digitisation. Gaël’s preparation is vital for the general communication towards VIAA’s sixty content partners who provided nearly 8000 DV-carriers.