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Off to the bicycle race in your Sunday suit


In 2017, Flanders chose its favourite archive footage by participating in the Image Capsule. Leading up to Heritage Day on April 22 - this year’s subject being electing - we’re sharing five selected clips from the Image Capsule 2117 over the coming weeks. With cycling season up and running, these images from the Felix Archive seem very familiar.

The fact that a bunch of men on bikes all try to be the first one to cross the finish line isn’t new. However, their equipment, their audience, the surroundings and their reception at the finish have completely changed. This video from the 1950s shows an audience in Sunday suits applauding politely, the camera keeping its distance while rolling and a cheeky kiss at the finish. The professional cycler would’ve probably signed for today’s cycling equipment, though. This image belongs to the rich collection of the Felix Archive, that manages the memory of the city of Antwerp. Thanks to the CPAS of Antwerp, you’ll find out in which way poor relief was organized in the city, in the Virgin House, on Sunday April 22. Discover what else to do in Antwerp on the website of Heritage Day.

About FelixArchief

The FelixArchief harbours the rich memory of the city of Antwerp. The better part of the saved documents is generated by the city government, the urban administration with its services and the Antwerp OCMW with its departments.

Archives from Antwerp companies, associations, private individuals or families also find their home in the FelixArchief thanks to donations. The archives, that cover more than 33 kilometres and 71 terabytes, tell the city’s great and small stories from the Middle Ages to the present.

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