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To the white cliffs of Dover


In 2017, Flanders chose its favourite archive footage by participating in the Image Capsule. Leading up to Heritage Day on April 22 - this year’s subject being electing - we’re sharing five selected clips from the Image Capsule 2117 over the coming weeks. Focus and WTV submitted images of the ferry between Ostend and Dover, which brought back a lot of memories.

Back when travelling low-cost to any European city wasn’t possible yet, there was the option to take the ferry to Dover for a short break. Since 1848, the ferry navigated from Ostend to be of service to shoppers and anglophiles and to bring British tourists to the mainland. During the golden fifties and seventies, shopping became particularly interesting because of the low pound and the comfortable boat trip. However, the heydays couldn’t last forever: the ferry service went bankrupt because of the competition from the Eurostar. Fortunately, the images continue to exist.

Focus and WTV keeps its finger on the pulse as a regional broadcaster in West Flanders. In Ostend as well, where you can choose your favourite sports hero and the most beautiful Ostend dialect word on Heritage Day, or you can take a women-only walk and watch a retro sporting fashion show. Discover what else to do in the Queen of seaside towns on the website of Heritage Day

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