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A holiday with rounded corners


Living like a God in an old-fashioned Citroën: it might not be on your bucket list yet, but it sure will be after seeing this video. In 1954, these adventurers packed their bags and camera and drove south. They captured their whole trip through France. Do you want to visit the same places? You can find all of the details on the placards in between the shots.

Like accomplished filmmakers, our travellers intercut images of wild flowers, historical cities, cave paintings and big rivers with sketches of their own cheerful friendship. The images of picnics prepared with glossy nails wouldn’t look bad on Instagram and the video would receive a lot of likes. However, the film was probably made for the domestic circle and to cherish the beautiful memories. Who are you going to share your holiday images with? 

We owe the fact that we can dream away with this special film to the Letterenhuis, where the film reel was preserved carefully as part of the Hubert Lampo archive. It reached our digital archive after digitisation.

Meer fragmenten in de kijker: