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Digital Video: one step closer to their salvation


The past few months, Gaël, our intern of the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel (INA) from France, focused on preparing the digitisation of the Digital Video-formats. Wondering what the challenges were, what we have learned and how this all brings us closer to the digitisation of these DV-formats?

Gaël began his research by looking at the technical features of both analogue and digital carriers. He selected the most important and distinctive characteristics, so content partners can distinguish their carriers and register them for digitisation. 

By visiting various content partners, Gaël could make a new, more precise inventory of the DV-formats and make observations about the state of these carriers. 

Lastly, Gaël explored the technical differences between the different DV-formats, and there was the biggest challenge: although de video standard stays the same, there are technical differences – not to be underestimated – in the way upon which the video signal is recorded on the cassettes. These differences have to be reconciled or all of them taken into account when formulating the specifications for the tender that will start off in 2019. 

Gaël’s internship ended in August. The research about the different file formats in which we will save the digital signal, will be continued after his departure, together with a few experts. From the beginning of 2019 we will work on the tender, which enables us to appoint a service provider to carry out the digital transfer in the spring. Later this year, our content partners will be able to start on the registration of the carriers.