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Memorandum SA&S argues for usable copyright


Memoranda and copyright may not be the most ‘hot topics’, but legally sharing content online - whether it is text, audio, photographs or video - concerns everyone today. That is why, together with the other partners from the Partnership for Copyright & Society (SA&S), we published a memorandum for usable copyright in a digital environment.

VIAA wants to bring out the material from its archive as much as possible, allowing it to be seen and used. As a result, we have to deal with copyright, just like our content partners. The Partnership for Copyright & Society (SA&S) groups organisations like ours - from the sectors of culture, heritage, education and sciences - that want to strengthen the position of users, and defend the public domain.

The main focus is a balanced copyright with respect for the right holders, adapted to - among other things - the digital context. The members of the Partnership for Copyright & Society ask policy makers to take notice of the impact of copyright on all those who want to use information, digital source material or digitised heritage collections. This memorandum calls for balanced reflection on copyright, and to act accordingly. It also formulates concrete suggestions to adjust the ‘proposal for a directive of the European Parliament on copyright in the Digital Single Market’.