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Digital Video transfer is getting started


Since the start of 2018, we’ve been researching how we can sustainably preserve content from DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO Digital Video cassettes for our content partners. Unlike a VHS cassette or film reel, for example, these cassettes store their content as a digital signal. This means we don’t need to digitise the signal, but rather convert it into a sustainable file format – a process called digital transfer, which you can read more about here.

Digital Video transfer is a very technical process, but we managed to complete our tender procedure over the summer. After considering price and quality, Memnon emerged as the best option. In the meantime, our content partners have been busy registering carriers and preparing them for transportation. Memnon is starting initial tests at the end of this month, after which we will start transferring over 11,000 carriers. We will complete this digitisation project before the end of 2020.