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Fancy discovering some of our partners’ gems? Go to The Archive!


It’s no secret that we’ve been digitising and storing audiovisual content together with our partners for several years now. But what’s this content actually about? How can you search through its wealth of information? And which organisation do you turn to if you’re looking for something specific? Now you can find out for yourself by searching the descriptions on The Archive.

Together with our partners, we’re launching The Archive: an online platform where for the first time you can explore the descriptions of over half a million image and audio clips from more than 100 partners. You won’t be able to watch the videos or listen to the audio clips because they’re often protected by copyrights. But you can find the titles, descriptions of the content, dates and identifiers. This is great news because it means you can see which archive the content is kept in and search in a more targeted way. You’ll also be able to contact the organisation that’s managing the content yourself. You’re sure to make all kinds of discoveries, because the diversity of audiovisual content in Flanders has never before been so easy to find.

Who’s on board? VRT is providing an online insight into its archive for the first time alongside other national and regional broadcasters, performing arts organisations, museums, archives, some universities and government institutions – all sharing descriptions of their content.

Making large collections of audiovisual content easy to search through largely depends on the quality of the descriptions, also known as metadata. Good metadata is therefore the key to unlocking our audiovisual culture. Together with our partners, we’re working hard to improve the quality of this metadata and looking at new techniques to enhance it in the future, including with speech-to-text technology and image recognition software. We’re already seeing some great opportunities for the years ahead.

Are you ready to go on a journey of discovery through the Flemish audiovisual archives? Already have an idea of the direction you’d like to go in? The tour starts here.