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"Always and ever, Mobylette!”


At the end of the 1940s, the Mobylette of the French brand Motobécane was launched. The Mobylette, or ‘motorcycle’, became the means of transport for the common man. A short trip to the city centre, or rather commuting between city and countryside? “Always Mobylette!”

“For pleasant weekends and great holidays, always Mobylette!” In Flanders, the French brand name Mobylette soon became synonymous with all light motorbikes and mopeds. After the takeover of competitor NSU, Motobécane was the largest producer in the world. In 1956, 339.000 motorcycles were sold annually. To compare: in 2017 almost 220.000 electric bicycles were sold in Belgium. We could call this an electric rise, but it looks like the electric bicycle is not yet as popular or trendy as the Mobylette in the fifties.

We discovered this jolly commercial in 2015 when the Industrial Museum - formerly MIAT - entered it for ‘De Beeldcapsule’. This Ghent museum focuses on textiles and printing, and on ‘fast moving consumer goods’.

Source figures: VRT NWS

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