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Digitisation tops 400,000 carriers


At VIAA, we’re constantly working on different digitisation projects at the same time. In 2018, this involved lots of registered and digitised carriers, new research, tenders and one fully finalised project.

Last year, our partners registered almost 85,000 carriers with us – that’s over 200 per day on average! Once registered, these carriers are then sent off for digitisation, and more than 65,000 carriers were digitised for VIAA by different companies – depending on the tender – in 2018. This resulted in over 45,000 hours of material in total, and included the digitisation of 22 rare carrier types. These impressive figures mean we’ve now digitised more than 400,000 carriers since VIAA’s inception.

Ongoing digitisation projects for audio cassette, U-Matic and Betacam SP have been extended with new contracts. The audio cassette project was awarded to French company, Gecko, while U-Matic and Betacam SP went to Memnon in Brussels. There was also a new, third contract for films affected by ‘vinegar syndrome’ – successfully taken care of by Vectracom.

In order to set up new digitisation projects, over the past year we’ve also performed preliminary research into DV formats and optical disks. This enabled us to work out the quantities that can be digitised, what condition they’re in, and how our partners can best identify and transport them. The findings from this research are very useful to us for the tendering process and ultimate conversion of digital signals into durable formats.