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Heritage Day, handmade


It’s 28 April and that only means one thing for us: Heritage Day! To highlight this year’s theme, over recent weeks we’ve been sharing various short films from the Flemish archives. And we’re finishing off in style with this clip from VTM News.

Are old crafts such as making instruments and basket weaving gradually disappearing? In this clip, coach restorer Patrick Schroven talks about his profession, which he wants to keep alive. It looks at few unique coaches too; Patrick has even worked on the King of Morocco’s carriage. But he’s worried about the future of his craft, especially now that young people seem more concerned with things other than nostalgia or romance. Do you prefer scrolling on your smartphone, or would you rather be an apprentice cheese maker or glass blower?

This video comes from the archives at MEDIALAAN, which is the parent company of VTM – the biggest Flemish commercial broadcaster – among others. There are lots of initiatives on the menu on Heritage Day.

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