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Is the glass half full, blown or stained?


Sunday 28 April is almost upon us: Heritage Day. We’ll be showcasing cultural heritage around crafts and craftsmanship in Flanders. As the Flemish Institute for Archiving, we’re happy to contribute with two wonderful artisan snippets about glass.

One of the glass factory managers made this 8mm short film (without sound). It shows how they went about building a new glass furnace in Zwankendamme in the 1950s. Building a glass furnace requires technical expertise, and you’d better have a head for heights.

This clip is only a few months old but it showcases a unique craft: stained glass windows. It was filmed on Craftsmanship Day, when you could visit various different workshops all across Flanders. This passionate hostess from Loppem is keeping an old craft alive with her glass art. Making a stained glass window takes a long time and demands both creativity and technique. What craft would you like to blow new life into?

The short film comes from the Focus-WTV archives. Regional television channels Focus and WTV broadcast news about West Flanders and follow people from the province at home and elsewhere.

The Bruges City Archive submitted this piece of history about glass furnaces to the Image Capsule 2015. This city archive is a ‘Recognised Cultural Archive’ and one of the most important city archive repositories in Europe. It’s been storing city administration documents for centuries already, among other things.

Go to the Heritage Day website and discover all the initiatives taking place in Flanders.

More clips in the spotlight: