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Digital transformation of cultural sector must be priority in new Flemish Coalition Agreement


Everybody already knows that our society is being digitised at an ever-increasing rate. But digital transformation is also taking place in the cultural sector, albeit at a somewhat slower rate. That’s why Cultuurconnect, publiq and VIAA are together proposing in a memorandum that digital transformation is a priority in the Flemish Government Agreement 2019-2024.

If the cultural sector wants to continue fulfilling its role in the best way possible, and utilising the benefits of digital technologies, we need to stay fully focused on digital transformation over the coming years. This is the only way we can keep the production, preservation, provision and connecting role of culture in harmony with our environment, which is constantly changing as a result of technological evolutions.

As national organisations with a key role in digital services and a DNA built around digital processes and competencies, Cultuurconnect, publiq and VIAA want to make this transformation possible together, also with the Flemish government and numerous other representatives in the field. We therefore distinguish four cornerstones that we can work on, in our memorandum: digital infrastructure, competencies, content and innovation. This memorandum is a plea to take this digital chance and catch up on the digital transformation.