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This catchy jingle is a real earworm


Unfortunately, shellac and acetate records are not designed to last for eternity. But thankfully the first digitised files produced from these formats have now been preserved in the digital VIAA archive, where they can’t be harmed by mould or dirt. We found this gem from the 1930s, when colourful cigarette advertisements were still in vogue, in the Amsab-Institute of Social History collections.

Listen to the clip:

This audio clip is part of the 'SMOKE' exhibition – about the fascinating history of the modern-day cigarette – which is on show at the Huis van Alijn museum in Ghent until the summer.

The digitisation of shellac and acetate records is very important for the preservation and protection of audio recordings like this one, and 5,560 records from 15 different content partners in the cultural heritage sector have already been digitised. Want to find out more about the digitisation of shellac and acetate records? 

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