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VIAA explores possibilities for large-scale photo digitisation


We already have lots of experience in mass digitisation, but photographic material is a new format for our digitisation team. We’re therefore starting this project by connecting to and exploring existing specialist networks on one hand, and conducting field research into Flemish photo collections on the other.

We’ve been holding exploratory discussions with content partners with large photographic collections, and visiting national and international photography and photo digitisation experts since March. We’re also appointing a steering committee to supervise the project. The field research is starting by focusing on technical aspects and exploring possibilities. We’re gathering knowledge about materials, techniques and representative Flemish photographic collections before transitioning into a tentative project plan from March 2020: how can the digitisation and sustainable archiving of photographic materials be implemented? What steps need to be taken, and when?

This preparatory research is included in our medium-term plan for 2019 - 2023, but the digitisation itself is not yet part of this. If and when the photo digitisation project goes ahead depends partly on our findings from the research phase.