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VIAA welcomes 14 new content partners


VIAA is committed to the digitisation, sustainable preservation and unlocking of digital and digitised audiovisual material from cultural institutions, media organisations and government bodies. In 2018 and 2019 we were able to welcome 14 new content partners from a variety of these sectors. The diversity of these content partners provides lots of new and interesting image and sound material in the VIAA archive system.

Various organisations with audiovisual archives come to VIAA for our services, and we also conduct our own qualification rounds before approaching institutions to be considered as content partners. Since 2018 until now, our new content partners have included two museums, two city archives, two Flemish government institutions, five performing arts organisations, a cultural heritage body, a sector organisation and a heritage library. We’d like to introduce them to you:

There are lots of projects running already, of course, so one of our account managers has been tasked with bringing them fully up to date. This will enable us to make these new collaborations operational quickly, so our new content partners can join ongoing digitisation projects or prepare themselves for the influx of digital collections. We hold individual discussions to determine requirements and expectations about our service and explore any opportunities that making their collections available digitally could bring. 

Curious about the organisations for whom we're digitally preserving image and sound?