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1, 2, 3, to the sea!


Do those first days of summer, the month of June and the memory of sand between your toes always take you right back to the coast? This 1940s short film from the Adriaensens family will get your summer senses tingling. Watch holidaymakers dance their way through this clip as if they can already hear the cheerful tune in the final edit.

A visit to the coast goes hand in hand with playing in the water, go-karting and strolling along the boardwalk. The scarves that make the women’s hairstyles appear somewhat festive are back in fashion now, so it’s only the classic cars, windmills and vintage swimsuits giving away that this clip is from 80 years ago. But spending a week licking ice lollies and paddling on the beach by the North Sea is still a great idea.

This gem in sepia colours comes from the FelixArchief, where you can discover rich memories from the city of Antwerp. The majority of documents stored here are from Antwerp city council, the city’s administration and Antwerp OCMW (Public Centre for Social Welfare), although private archives from people, families, associations and companies in Antwerp can also be found here.

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