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Party (in Ghent) like it’s 1976


“Every night a varied bill, though sometimes a bit sloppy.” The commentator describing the organization of the Gentse Feesten near Sint-Jacobs in 1976 seems to get it about right. We can see young and old, sitting on little wooden tables, enjoying “the new atmosphere of the Gentse Feesten” in black and white. That we owe this all to Walter de Buck has since been immortalized in the new name of the location: the Walter de Buck square.

Grilled sausages and fish sell smoothly in the seventies. Young ladies are looking around curiously, bottle of wine in hand, and pancakes are eaten straight out of newspaper pages. Don’t be surprised if you spot as many flared trousers and velvet jackets on the squares of Ghent from 19 until 28th of July this year. 

This portion of nostalgia is preserved in STAM, Ghent’s city museum that has been bringing the city’s story on the Bijloke site sinds October 2010 and where you discover all layers of Ghent, a modern day city with an ancient history. During the Gentse Feesten, you can follow a guided tour - in Ghent’s peculiar dialect - every day.

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