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Everyone, on your bike!


The school-going youth of Turnhout riding to a new school day along to this catchy tune – The Power of Love – in 1989. Whether you’re a youngster dressed in school uniform or a hipster wearing fancy threads: everyone, on your bike!

The cars, outfits and school bags may be old-fashioned, but similar scenes still play out on our streets today, with groups of young people travelling to school together every morning – chatting cheerfully and pedalling on. The determination with which these students attack their journey produces some spectacular and even dangerous-looking images. One thing is certain: these cyclists in Turnhout certainly claim their place on the road.

On World Car Free Day – Sunday 22 September – bicycles and pedestrians will be given priority over cars in more than 50 Flemish towns and cities. So make sure you take your trusty steed out to explore the roads near you with just as much swagger as the youth of 1989 (although we recommend being slightly more careful). You won’t need your school bag, but feel free to don your ‘80s gear and be just as cool as these cyclists from 30 years ago.

This clip was filmed by Tony Jacobs and sent in for The Image Capsule 2017. The images come from the collection of our content partner Stadsarchief Turnhout (Turnhout City Archive), where you can find information about houses, families and neighbourhoods, and the city and surrounding areas in general. Their digital audiovisual content is sustainably preserved in the VIAA archive system.

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