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Stakeholders give their view of operations at PACKED and Lukas


The integration of VIAA, PACKED and Lukas, which we’re preparing this year, won’t just impact our own operations; our various partners and stakeholders also have their expectations. And because we value their input, this spring we sent out a survey to PACKED and Lukas stakeholders and contacts, just like we did for VIAA (page only available in Dutch) in 2018.

We sued a questionnaire to gauge their satisfaction with the service provision, clarity and frequency of communications, and awareness of platforms, among other things. And with our integration in mind, we didn’t just want to evaluate the existing PACKED and Lukas service provision, but also find out about our partners’ expectations for the future. How much do Lukas partners value the free digitisation and provision of collections to the general public? What should PACKED focus on to improve its service provision? Do their stakeholders need tools to support digital processes? And how are the PACKED training courses evaluated?

We’ve compiled the main results from the two reports for you: