What do we do?

Catalogus Pro

What if content partners could view each other’s material and could easily contact each other with questions? If they could broaden their own public activities and relations, and optimise their archive and collection management? Catalogus Pro makes VIAA’s digital archive accessible for those content partners that contribute to it. The platform is the result of a unique collaboration between VIAA and its Flemish partners in the cultural sector, media and the government.

The cooperation agreements between VIAA and the content partners already include some arrangements about accessibility and use of the images. Catalogus Pro aims to make this more concrete. The platform is exclusively available to VIAA’s 140 content partners who will be able to search, find and view material quickly and easily in a safe environment. User-friendliness is key in Catalogus Pro.

Of course the content partners maintain control over what is published on the platform and what isn’t. The fact that an item can be searched and found in the catalogue, does not automatically imply permission to use it. Contact details of the managing content partner are mentioned for each item, so questions about the content will easily find their way. Only certain employees of content partners will get access to the catalogue.

In 2017, several workgroups were composed with interested content partners to achieve this. All important questions were answered and the operational framework for Catalogus Pro was agreed upon. Content partners were briefed intermediately on the progress of the project and a short pilot test was organised. In March 2018, Catalogus Pro went live for all of VIAA’s 140 content partners.