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Digitisation project 7: Digital Video formats

With Digital Video we once again welcome a carrier with a digital signal to our digitisation projects. DV, DVCAM and DVCPro emerged during the early 1990s, but they will need to be digitised in the near future. About 60 content partners responded to VIAA’s call, therefore we’re preparing the ‘digitisation’ in 2018.

DV, DVCAM and DVCPro were launched in the 1990s by a consortium with Sony and Panasonic among others. Several carriers are out of production, which caused the formats to appear on our radar. Asking around, we found out that approximately 60 content partners possess nearly 8.000 carriers all together. VIAA wants to ‘digitise’ these from 2019 on. 

We call it ‘digitising’, but we actually transfer or migrate the content of these Digital Video-carriers to a more sustainable digital file format. That’s why our intern, Gaël, started with a very specific preparation in March 2018. In the context of his Master’s course Audiovisual Management at the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) in France, Gaël will investigate the quantity and condition of the carriers until August. He’ll also help, among other things, to determine the technical specifications for the tender document of the migration. You’ll find his results here later this year.

Questions about this project? 
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