What do we do?

Identifying audiovisual material with knowyourcarrier.com

Our operations are focused on the image and sound preserved in Flemish heritage institutions, archives, museums and the media sector. Of course, that does not mean there are no gems to be found in the Flemish attics.

VIAA regularly receives questions of individuals about their audiovisual material: what is it? Which organisation can they contact? How can they best preserve the material? We gathered our knowledge from different digitisation projects in a handy online decision tree to provide a straightforward answer to these questions.

The website is structured around three questions:

1. How do I identify audiovisual material?

A lot of analogue as well as digital audiovisual carriers have been developed. With the help of some specific questions, we assist you in finding out what type of carrier you possess: a Hi8, a VHS or maybe even a Betacam.

2. Does my audiovisual material have any heritage value?

We will assist in answering this question as well with the help of specific questions and examples. Your material might be of historic or scientific importance! If so, we will refer you to a heritage management institution. They might want to include it in their collection. Who knows, it could even end up in one of VIAA’s digitisation projects.

3. How do I preserve my audiovisual material and can I have it digitised?

You can visit the website to answer questions such as: do I stock a film roll horizontally or upright? Do I have to take into account temperature and humidity to preserve my audio cassettes? We will provide some tips on how to best preserve the material and help people out who are interested in converting their carrier to a digital format. For example, we published an overview of digitisation companies and a template that helps you formulate specific questions to these companies.

Knowyourcarrier.com was developed together with PACKED vzw. With this tool, we want to support our partners as well as everyone who wishes to preserve image and sound sustainably.

More info about this project? Contact Marlies.
She will gladly provide further assistance.