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Living Labs Libraries


Together with iMinds (now imec) Living Labs, we’ve researched the use of audiovisual material in libraries. Thirty per cent of our public libraries took part in the research.  

We surveyed their library staff and came up with the following results:

  • Audiovisual material is mainly used during workshops and lectures. 
  • Audiovisual material is mainly used at exhibitions and because it interests visitors. 
  • Staff would like more attention to be paid to audiovisual materials in the library. 
  • Staff’s wishes in relation to image and sound material are currently not always met. 

We’ve also researched the functionality and arrangement of the future tool for libraries. This delivered some interesting lessons. VIAA can provide added value in the areas of:

  • The informative function of the library 
  • The expansion of the audiovisual range 
  • Entertainment 
  • Activities with local partners 
  • Interesting visitors in borrowing materials and linking parts of the collection to each other. 
  • Engagement among the visitors: appealing to and connecting visitors 
  • Engaging study material 
  • Addition of products, such as media literacy and promoting reading etc. 

View the slideshare with an overview of the main facts and figures and the added value that the VIAA can offer to libraries. (Dutch only)