For whom?

Culture, media and government

VIAA stands for the sustainable preservation of digital – or digitised – audiovisual material belonging to cultural institutions, media organisations and government bodies. In order to achieve this objective, we cooperate with museums, archives, performing arts organisations, heritage cells, and broadcasters. We ensure that the digitisation and sustainable preservation of the digitised or pre-existing digital material is guaranteed. By centralising knowledge and investment, we work in a complementary manner and are able to help multiple content partners in a cheaper and high-quality way. 

VIAA has rolled out its approach gradually and developed all work processes step by step. According to the needs within a sector, policy priorities and the resources we possess ourselves, we are gradually expanding the number of content partners. 

De beeldcultuur neemt een steeds belangrijkere plaats in ons collectief geheugen in. Een organisatie als VIAA speelt, samen met zijn partners als de VRT, culturele- en overheidsinstellingen, een cruciale rol in het bewaren van audiovisueel archiefmateriaal. Met grote tevredenheid zie ik de scope van VIAA groeien om ons waardevol beeld- en klankerfgoed te archiveren.

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  • Sven Gatz
    Vlaams minister van Cultuur, Jeugd, Media en Brussel

The most important criteria to become a content partner

Are you a cultural organisation or active in media? Are you a government body and do you cherish your audiovisual archive? Would you like to share it with future generations as its value is inestimable? VIAA will be happy to help you. We offer our services to organisations that belong to one of our defined networks. We are currently working with the following sectors within Flanders:   


  • Subsidised and/or recognised institutions under the Cultural Heritage Decree 
  • Performing art organisations 
  • Heritage cells


  • Public broadcasters
  • National, private broadcasters
  • Regional broadcasters


  • Flemish Parliament
  • Flemish government bodies
  • City archives of the thirteen major cities plus the members of the Local Government Archive Working Group, set up within the VVBAD (Flemish Association for Libraries, Archives and Documentation).

Content partners also supply content that is eligible for digitisation and/or digital storage. In more concrete terms, this means:

  • For the digitisation: audiovisual material such as moving images and audio fragments on analogue carriers.
  • For the archiving: audiovisual material that already exists in digital form, but also large volumes of digital photographs or scans.

Private individuals currently cannot become a content partner, but non-commercial organisations that do not belong to one of our networks can make use of our services in exchange for a fee. In that case, we will create a customised proposal. We work with Botanic Garden Meise, for example, to digitise and sustainably preserve their herbarium and UGent to preserve their deep archive.

What does our service look like?

  • We digitise audiovisual material stored on analogue carriers.
  • We archive the digitised – or already digital – collections in a sustainable way.
  • We work to achieve accessibility and social valorisation of the material. Material sharing is always focused on certain target groups and in mutual agreement with our content partners.

  • In order to help organisations as efficiently as possible, we work according to a standardised approach for digitisation and archiving. We digitise per carrier, rather than per content partner. We will not digitise the entire collection (with various carriers) of one content partner in one go, but we will do this according to specific digitisation projects per carrier type.  We always work in consultation with and according to a delivery schedule within a sophisticated logistics process. For the preservation of the digitised material, we follow a similar process, except that this does take place per content partner.

    How does a partnership work?

    First of all, we inventory the material (to be digitised). This may take place in cooperation with partners such as PACKED VZW, the Flemish Heritage Library, CINEMATEK, FARO and other Flemish centres of expertise and support organisations. Taking this into account, along with the urgency and the available resources, VIAA will develop the planning for the digitisation of the material, or a digital intake. 

    We record all agreements, rights and obligations for the parties concerned in a letter of intent and cooperation agreement. All agreements relating to the preparation phase, the storage costs and reuse and sharing of the material are stated in this letter. This way, everyone knows exactly what VIAA’s services involve, how we implement them and what we do and do not guarantee. Practical agreements are made per collection. 

    After the cooperation agreement is signed, our service starts and we provide training to help our content partners with, for example, the registration of their analogue carriers in an online tool.

    Interested in a partnership?
    Contact Debbie. She will be happy to answer your questions.