What do we do?

Public access to our audiovisual heritage

Every day, VIAA works to digitise, archive and preserve audiovisual material in Flanders and to make it accessible. Not only for the future but also for today's generations. On behalf of the Flemish Government, we share the Flemish image and sound archive through various platforms. Today, the main focus is on education, but apart from teachers, we want to give scientists and the general public access to the Flemish archive as well. The publication of this material always takes place in consultation with the content partners and with respect for copyrights.

Our platforms and research projects

Based on research and close cooperation with target groups and content partners, we have already succeeded in launching two platforms. We have also launched our first public campaign that aims to raise awareness of the importance of audiovisual heritage, and are cooperating in various research projects.

The Archive for Education

Nowadays, young people live in a visual culture and, as a teacher, it is important to respond to this with audiovisual material. Via the platform ‘The Archive for Education’, teachers have exclusive access to audiovisual collections that correspond to the syllabus and which can help teachers to create more exciting lessons.
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The Archive

This platform is public and will be expanded over the years with further themes. An initial theme – which has been completed – is ‘Belgian press from the Great War’, in which we have digitised the newspaper publications from the First World War. It is also one of the largest online databanks containing press material from 1914-1918.
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The Image Capsule (De Beeldcapsule)

The Beeldcapsule was launched to highlight the wealth of audiovisual archives present in Flanders, showing their relevance to us today. On debeeldcapsule.be, we’ve shared over fifty unique archived excerpts from organizations ranging from media to heritage and performing arts. The 2117 edition was put together with 29 partners and featured the theme ‘Leisure time’. Everybody had a chance to assemble their very own Beeldcapsule with their favorite excerpts from September 19th until October 22nd. The most popular excerpts are united in the Beeldcapsule 2117 and tell the story of how the leisure time of today came about: from congé payé to home movies. 

Discover the Beeldcapsule 2117

If you would like to find out more about our projects and initiatives,
please contact Karen Vander Plaetse. She will provide further assistance.