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Registratie dragers geraakt op snelheid


Early December, we already digitised a Betacam SP tape of TV Limburg as a symbolic first carrier. Meanwhile, the hard work behind the scenes continued diligently: i.e. the registration of each carrier. Of the nearly 180,000 carriers that VIAA is going to digitise in its first wave, more than 3500 are already registered.

Registration is an important step prior to digitisation. Employees of the broadcasters and cultural heritage institutions add information about the carriers in a specially developed online database, stick barcodes on them and wrap them in sturdy boxes. Thanks to the registration this logistic operation can be properly monitored, and the digitisation companies have an overview of the technical characteristics of the carriers awaiting digitisation.

Already nine of the media and heritage institutions involved (also called content providers) started with the registration process: KADOC , AMSAB-ISG , AMVB , TV Limburg, Ring TV, TV Brussel, AMVC Letterenhuis, RTV and VRT. Ghent based AMSAB-ISG registered its thousandth carrier last week and is well on its way to number 1500. The others will undoubtedly follow soon.

Some of the figures in order to illustrate the size of the operation:

- 36 content providers across Flanders will register about 180,000 carriers of 4 types in total. Each carrier, each and every box or sleeve will get a barcode, accounting for nearly 400,000 barcode stickers.
- The carriers will be collected in over 13,000 cardboard boxes, all sealed with 36 adhesive tape rollers and almost 12 kilometers of tape. Inside the boxes, these carriers will be well protected thanks to 19,000 or 4 m3 of air cushions and about 2.2 kilometers bubble wrap. These cardboard boxes will be put in about 100 plastic shipping containers.
- For the transportation of the carriers between the content providers and the digitisation companies at least 50 transports are planned.
- About 20 courses are being given, about 50 manuals and 20 barcode scanners are being distributed amongst the employees of the content providers.

Keep an eye on our website in the following months, we will keep you informed about the progress of the digitisation!