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Digitisation rare carriers starts late 2017


This autumn, VIAA will start the digitisation of 22 rare carrier types. Carriers such as the two inch open reel video, the MiniDisc and the Video8 will be digitised by digitising company Picturae, starting by the end of this year. By the end of 2018, all digital files from these carriers can be found in the VIAA archive. 

Fifty content partners are currently completing the registration and packaging of about 3800 audiovisual carriers. The transport and digitisation of the various carriers are a logistic challenge, because of the great number of partners and the great diversity in carrier types. Picturae came out best during the procurement process and has been working with VIAA before, for the digitisation of audio-CD-R, Betamax and VHS.

VIAA and Picturae will develop the whole process further, followed by extensive testing. We hope to be able to start the digitisation process this autumn. The 3800 audiovisual carriers should be transferred to the VIAA-archive one year later.

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