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Greetings from the vacation colony!


Now that everyone turns on their ‘out of office’, draws up summer tasks and quickly checks the weather forecast on his holiday destination, most kids are to be found on a series of summer camps. During the fifties, children also went to camps, which were then referred to as ‘vacation colonies’.

Whether they were at the seaside or in the woods, the volunteers made sure that children were able to play with a full stomach, or that they rested after dinner for half an hour on the ‘soft beds’. The scale was quick to determine who took the colony’s pre-emptive air treatment seriously. The aim of the children’s stay was a better health and discipline, which was taken care of by the strict planning. The colonies considered play and creativity to be of secondary importance.

In this video, you can see the children enjoying their lunch and napping in the dormitory. The video is a promotional trailer of the Landsbond der Christelijke Mutualiteiten and was selected by KADOC - KU Leuven for the Image Capsule 2115. Curious about the other videos we sent to the future?

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