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A Snow Day for Everyone!


Spring is upon us, but your social media are probably filling up with images of snowy mountains, tricky snowboard manoeuvres and the occasional après-ski. Winter vacations are more popular than ever. In 1967, the phenomenon was quite new and our public broadcast brought the winter merriment closer to home. Helmets, flashy outfits and reflective ski goggles were out of the question: the ski outfit in the clip below only consists of a thick woolen sweater.

Hikers can catch a breath on their snow vacation as well, far away from ‘traffic jams and petrol vapors’. Mothers take their chance to see the sun and work on their tan; everything to make the neighbours jealous. All in all a great image of sheer snowy fun out of the VRT archives, one to cherish for years to come.

VRT is one of VIAA’s oldest content partners. Apart from digitising several of their carriers, VIAA also preserves a copy of the existing VRT archive. Part of that material is made accessible through The Archive for Education. VRT sent us this clip from 1967 for the Image Capsule 2117.

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