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Hooray, let's party in May!


Traditionally, May is the set for many national feasts and parades. A celebration tree, the maypole, is a part of this tradition in several countries in Europe. The tree, carried to the square by citizens and villagers during processions, is a symbol for the imminent summer. The fact that such parades aren’t always well organized is illustrated in the following video of the AMFLB. 

By foot or on horseback, as a giant or in Sunday suit: people from Brussels carry this maypole dancing cheerfully through the city to finally erect it with united force. The Brussels version of the maypole shown in the video doesn’t only celebrate the summer, but particularly celebrates the victory over the people of Leuven in 1213. That’s why this maypole is also placed in August. 

AMFLB or Archive and Museum of  Flemish Life in Brussels, (re)discovers the disappearing collective memory of the Dutch-speaking Brussels people. In our ever-changing metropolitan society, treasures like this one are of great significance.