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Amanda, saviour of disks in distress


CD and DVD: for years they were the standard carrier for image and sound. Omnipresent, as they are even used as a deterrent in kitchen gardens. However, their wide distribution does not mean they will last forever. Amanda, our new intern in team digitisation, is preparing their salvation.

Even though they’re shiny and modern, CD’s and DVD(-R)’s have a limited expiration date. Moreover they are vulnerable to damage, caused by scratches or fingerprints for example. That is why we are preparing digitisation project 9: no digitisation in the strict sense of the word, but the migration of the digital signal from the optical disks to a durable file format. A digital transfer as we call it.

The rescue of these disks in need will be prepared by Amanda Gedeon. With her Master in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the university in Amsterdam, she has the right background to acquire knowledge about these formats. Furthermore, her tasks will be the preparation of a data model for the registration system, the preparation of the packaging and the transport of these carriers and devising technical specifications for the tender. Amanda will carry out a thorough literature study and visit some of our content partners involved.

Once this project is properly prepared, we will get a flying start in 2019!